Vibrate Higher

It is written and narrated by Talib Kweli. Vibrate Higher is the more powerful writing of Talib Kweli. This program is perused by the writer from one of the most melodiously gifted, socially cognizant rappers of the beyond twenty years “Vibrate Higher” is a firsthand record of hip-jump as a political power “Before Talib Kweli” turned into an incredibly famous hip-jump craftsman, he was a “Brooklyn kid” who got a kick out of the chance to play hooky, spit rhymes and meander the roads of “Greenwich Village” with a diverse team of specialists, rappers, who observed hip bounce more moving than their course readings almost certainly arousing a lot of shame for the instructor guardians who had given their child an “Afrocentric” name in anticipation of getting for him a more customary feeling of pride and reason. Kweli’s was the original to grow up with hip jump as set up culture, classification of music that has extended to incorporate its pantheon of saints, rich history and governmental issues, and particular perspective.


At last, youth companionship transformed into coordinated efforts and “Kweli” acquired a reputation as a rapper by his own doing. From teaming up with some of hip bounce’s most prominent including “Mos Def, Common, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar” to selling books out of the most established book shop in “Brooklyn” and eventually leaving his record name and assuming responsibility for his own recording profession “Kweli” told the twisting, continuously convincing tale of individuals and occasions that formed his own life just as the way of life of hip jump which illuminates “American” culture at large.

Vibrate Higher enlightened “Talib Kweli’s” childhood and creative achievement however so does it give life to hip jump as political power and one that electrified the “Movement for Black Lives” and serves as a persistent channel for obstruction against the rising tide of white patriotism.

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