Visions in Death

Visions in Death is chapter 19 of In Death’s novel series. It is an erotica novel which is written by J. D. Robb. That is the other pen name of the popular author Nora Roberts. She writes compelling love stories and has got nearly 230 novels to her name. Naked in Death is the first chapter in her In Death novel series. From the same series, Faithless in Death is another stunning novel from the author.

Susan Ericksen narrated this book. It was a powerful performance that managed to pull listeners into it.

It was one of the hottest nights in New York. That was the day when Eve Dallas, the Police Lieutenant was deployed to Central Park. It was for one hellish new investigation. The victim, in that case, was seen on the rocks and right above the dark, dead water of The Lake in Central Park. There was a red color ribbon found right around her neck. Her hands were in a position as if she is praying. Her eyes were removed with immense precision and it suggested as if an experienced surgeon has done that.

More bodies turned up in the city in the same way having defining scars. Eve was quite frantic to get all the answers. She took help from a psychic who gave more than one vision in the matter. Every vision had some shocking revelation about the murders. The stakes got high when Peabody, her friend, and her partner gets injured while escaping an attack. Are the eyes the symbol here?

Visions in Death is a smart and sassy audiobook. It comes with warm characterization which will have you in awe of the writer. The witty dialogue is something more to enjoy, which is also something that J. D. Robb is known for.

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