Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is the first installment in the Night Vale novel series. This fictional novel is written by Joseph Fink and coauthored by Jeffrey Cranor. Joseph is known for writing both fictional and non-fictional books. One of his good non-fictional books on personal development is The First Ten Years. Apart from this, Alice Isn’t Dead is an outstanding LGBTQ+ novel by Joseph Fink.

The audio narration of Welcome to Night Vale is done by Cecil Baldwin, Therese Plummer, Dylan Marron, Dan Bittner, and Retta. The performances overall were quite decent with no considerable issues at all.

Night Vale was a tiny town located somewhere in a nameless desert of the great American Southwest. It was a place where aliens, angels, ghosts, and government conspiracies were all known to be the commonplace parts of the usual everyday life. It was here that the lives of a couple of women will converge along with a couple of mysteries as well.

Jackie Fierro was a 19 years old owner of a pawn shop in Night Vale. She was provided with a paper by a mysterious man that was marked ‘KING CITY. Everything about that paper and that mysterious man unsettled her. It was more especially because she just couldn’t seem to get that paper to leave her hand and no one who met that man could remember any considerable thing about him

Welcome to Night Vale is a darkly funny and hypnotic novel. Audio format is the right way to experience this amazing Night Vale novel as it is wonderfully narrated by a diverse team of narrators. The title is recommended for fiction lovers.

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