Who We Are

Three characters come to the scene with not a lot of information about themselves. They are ample for one another because they have supported each other in the time of danger and dejection. Bear was saved by Otter and a love relationship is established between the two which is growing stronger with every passing day. Bear, Otter, and the Kid thought that they were ample for one another that’s why they didn’t need anyone else’s company but there are things which we cannot stop in our life.
A continuously happy life is not possible in this world because utopia can only exist in the mind and not in front of your eyes. T.J. Klune introduces the parents of Otter who are interfering really badly in the relationship establishing between Otter and Bear. The custody of the Kid has remained a problem since the beginning and the case has remained unsolved till now.
No matter whom wins the case one thing is clear that the Kid is not living with Bear and Otter anymore. Charlie David narrates the tensions of Bear as well which he alone faces in his mind. Fewer characters existed in The House in the Cerulean Sea and The Lightning-Struck Heart, this novel has a longish list because of which the listener has to remain attentive.
Several characters and scene will confuse your mind if you are not paying attention to the story very keenly. There are moments when even the three boys are stunned by the things which they find out about themselves and their families. Things and incidents from the real world are also borrowed by the author to make it look close to reality.

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