Winter World

Winter World is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the first installment in The Long Winter novel series. The book is written by A. G. Riddle. Apart from Winter World, The Atlantis Gene and The Atlantis Plague are a couple of other decent novels from the author.

The audio narration of Winter World is done by Edoardo Ballerini and Amanda Leigh Cobb. Both the narrators of this novel are quite good and pleasant to listen to. Their accents and expressions along with the ability to produce distinct voices for the different characters were just so outstanding.

The ice was coming and that was the very last thing that we all expected. The world was freezing. It was the dawn of a new ice age and humanity was pushed hard to confront its very own extinction there. Billions of people fled and the last habitable zones of the world became fully crowded. They could just run from the ice but they were in no position to escape human nature at all. It was cataclysmic was looming there.

A group of scientists in the orbit was running the ongoing Winter Experiments. It was supposed to be one last attempt to understand anything about the point that why the planet was cooling down that much. Soon they found an anomaly that was an unexplained and unexpected variation in the solar radiation. It might be something else as well…

The plot of Winter Plot is quite enjoyable and entertaining. But at the same time, it was predictable as well. The entertainment factor is quite good and worth a listen, but there might not be anything too special in it.

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