Wolfsong is a romance fiction, fantasy fiction, and paranormal romance book written by TJ Klune. It is the first book of the Green Creek series. It is followed by the second book, titled Ravensong. Klune is a bestselling author of numerous books. He is the recipient of the Lambda Literary Award. House in the Cerulean Sea is a young adult novel by him that was a New York Times Best-Seller. He is a strong force in the proper representation of queers in the literary world.

The book has been expertly narrated by Kit Graves. He is a pleasure to listen to and brought the story to life.

Ox was 12 years old when his dad taught him an unforgettable lesson – that Ox was worthless and people would never understand him. He left after that.

Ox was 16 years old when he met the boy who talked and talked. He talked some more. Ox later discovered that the boy hadn’t spoken for nearly two years before that moment. The boy belonged to a family that had moved at the end of the lane house.

Ox was 17 years old when he discovered a secret of that boy that changed his life forever. It painted Ox’s world around him in colors of red, orange, and violet.

Ox was 23 years old when a murderer came to town. He tore a hole in his heart as the boy chased the murderer with revenge in his eyes. Now, it’s been three years since that day. The boy is back and Ox is hopeful again.

This book manages to touch every emotion inside of us. It is a cauldron of mixed feelings. Klune is a master of the things that make our hearts beat faster.

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