Zero Day

Zero Day is a genre fiction novel. It is the first installment of the John Puller novel series. The book is written by David Baldacci. He is the bestselling writer and an attorney as well. His novels are mostly legal thrillers where you could find an element of suspense as well. The Whole Truth is rated as one of the best novels of the author. Similarly, Deliver Us from Evil is one more superb book by David Baldacci.

Zero Day

The audio narration of this novel is done by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy. They both were good with their respective performance. However, the strange and irritating sound effects and background music took away a lot from the quality of this performance.

John Puller was known as the best military investigator and was a combat veteran as well of the US Army. He worked for the Criminal Investigative Division of the army. His father was also a fighting legend of the army and his brother was serving a life sentence. It was due to a case of treason and that too in federal armed prison. John puller was the one with an unstoppable drive and indomitable spirit to discover the truth.

Puller now is called for a challenging case somewhere in a rural and remote area. It is in West Virginia and the place was quite far from the military outpost. A brutal crime scene happened there as a complete family was found slaughtered.

The best thing about this novel is its plot which was very well written and executed. The characters were good as well. The production quality of the audio novel had some issues. But, it should still not stop you from trying out this novel.

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